13.00 Welcome & refreshments, Poster Session I
14.00 Conference opening and Welcome message
Dr. Martin Vollmer, Dr. Alain De Mesmaeker
14.15 Dr. Martin Vollmer, CTO Clariant
«Research for tomorrow’s markets – how to fill the innovation pipeline?»
14.45 CleanTech Award Lecture I
Markus Jeschek, ETH Zürich/University of Basel
15.00  CleanTech Award Lecture II
Jingshan Luo, EPF Lausanne
15.15  Andreas Geisbauer, Normen Szesni, Clariant
«Clariant EleMaxTM catalysts for Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers: the next level in catalysis for safe and economic storage, transport and release of hydrogen»
15.30 Poster session II & refreshments
16.30 CleanTech Award Lecture III
Amit Nagarkar, University of Fribourg
16.45 CleanTech Award Lecture IV
Fang Song, EPF Lausanne
17.00 Georg Schirrmacher, Clariant
«Lipids and surfactants from marine biomass (LIPOMAR)»
17.15 Award Lecture of the Chemistry Award at University of Basel
Laura Allegra Büldt, University of Basel
17.30 Ceremony of the CleanTech Awards, Poster Awards and the Chemistry Award at Uni Basel
Members of the Clariant Executive Board
17.45 3rd Clariant Clean Tech Lecture
Prof. Ronny Neumann, Catalysis, Green Chemistry and Renewable Energy Lab, Weizmann Institute of Science
«Polyoxometalates for Catalytic Oxidation and Reduction and their use for Sustainable Transformations»
18.45 Closing remarks
Prof. Edwin Constable, Vice-Director Research, University of Basel
19.00 Opening of buffet
21.00 End